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Woof Woof Bailey

Branding, UX&UI Project

Woof Woof Bailey is an online platform where you can find anything and everything you could possibly need for your best friend. From food, snacks or toys to accessories and clothes. Woof Woof Bailey aims to make shopping for your pet even more fun than already is.

For this project, they gave me a complete blank page creativity wise. There was only one request: show, through design, how fun we are! This assignment consisted of branding and UX&UI design.

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Design & Development

Adobe XD | Sitemap, Design & Prototype |

Adobe Illustrator | Branding & Logo Design |


The project started with the assessment of the client’s needs and wishes. We started by analysing what would be the best and most intuitive approach based on their current target market. Which gaves us an initial sitemap to work with.

We then proceed to design the face of the brand. Which included a logo design, color scheme, stationery followed by a brand guideline.

For your bestfriend, and for you

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