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Quinta Vida
Branding | UX & UI

“Quinta Vida” means “Fifth Life” in Portuguese. The word “Quinta” also means “farm” giving a double meaning to its name. This is a project which aims to call people to experience another type of living than what they are used to, specially the younger generations. “Quinta Vida” provides you with the freshest vegetables and fruits, straight from the ground to your door. But it also gives you the opportunity to spend a day or even a weekend at their location so you can have a full experience of the farm living.


The goal was to showcase a high end and almost mysterious design. To strip it down of any extra design elements and keep it to the basics, where the farm and their produce shined the most.

Design & Development

Adobe Illustrator | Logo Design

Adobe XD | UX & UI | Website Prototype



The project started with the assessment of the client’s needs and wishes. We started by analysing what would be the best and most intuitive approach based on their current target market. Which gaves us an initial sitemap to work with.


We then proceed to design the face of the brand. Which included a logo design, color scheme, stationery followed by a brand guideline.


"Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals & happiness."

Thomas Jefferson

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