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Kindness in Spirit
Branding | UX & UI | Social Media

Kindness in Spirit is a place a lot of women have been looking for. A place where you can connect with your inner self and be more in touch with your emotions. All through breathing exercises, mindfulness, yoga, pilates, meditation, amongst many others. KS aims to be a women’s sanctuary, a heavenly place to leave all your worries.

The assignment criteria revolved a lot around the words "peace", "earth" and "safe". So that was our main goal with the design. Showcase all these three words through the color scheme, imagery, fonts, copy, and all other components. 

KS asked us to develop the branding, ux+ui as well as their social media platforms.  

Design & Development

Adobe Illustrator | Logo Design

Adobe XD | UX & UI | Website Prototype

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Kindness in Spirit

Connect mind, body & soul in a safe place for all women


The project started with the assessment of the client’s needs and wishes. We started by analysing what would be the best and most intuitive approach based on their current target market. Which gaves us an initial sitemap to work with.


We then proceed to design the face of the brand. Which included a logo design, color scheme, stationery followed by a brand guideline.

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