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In a world where you could be anything, be better.

CW 2021
Branding & UX / UI

CW is a strategic communication platform that provides services we all stand for. In a world that has definitely changed since 2019, we thrive under the best working conditions, CW’s proposal is to make every workplace reach it’s full potential.

We aim for healthy, respectful and happy offices, studios, agencies, where the worker is family - not a number.

I was extremely proud to be a part of this project from it’s ground up. Including branding, stationery and UX+UI.

Design & Development

Adobe Illustrator | Logo Design

Adobe XD | UX & UI | Website Prototype


In a world where you could be anything, be better.

"Creating a healthy workplace environment does not have to be difficult or costly."

The project started with the assessment of the client’s needs and wishes. We started by analysing what would be the best and most intuitive approach based on their current target market. Which gaves us an initial sitemap to work with.

We then proceed to design the face of the brand. Which included a logo design, color scheme, stationery followed by a brand guideline.

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"Advocate for a place where you would be proud to take your mom"



UX Design
UI Design

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